This gives you a clean cut whilst keeping your pipe round

Wide range of plumbing fittings

And tools, for trade and DIY


We have different lengths of both copper and ABS plastic tubing, ranging in diameter and thickness, from the smallest leak to constructing a pond, need a quick fix, or are changing your whole bathroom.. we are here to make sure the water stays in the right place!

Tubes & Pipes

We have both copper and ABS plastic in stock, vairying in length, diameter and thickness. The price ranges depending on style, thickness and length and we offer special deals for customers buying in bulk.


We have Y bends, U bends, 45° bends all to stop puddles, drips or leaks from driving you around the bend! Pop in store to see our extensive range we hold in stock. If we don't have it we can order it in, even point you in the direction of someone who will fit it for you.

Waste Systems

We have different waste systems, for example drains or big internal and external water containers, so take your pick.
We also stock toilet cistern replacement parts too!

Washers & Spacers

We stock rubber, plastic and metal washers and spacers. These are available in a variety of diameters, weights and sizes. Pop in store to find out more details!

Shower Heads & Fittings

We have a small range of shower accessories ie mats, flooring, heads and tubes, but can get more in stock on demand. Pop in and have a look at what we have and what we can get.
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