Childs paint brushes now in stock

Multifunction ladders have very versatile applications, and it stores brilliantly!

Make sure you cover furniture with dustsheets- trade discounts available, please ask

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Painting & Decorating

Tired of looking at tired colours? Inject a splash of colour! Whether you revamp old garden furniture, radically redecorate or fill in a hole and paint over it.. we have all the tools and equiptment to help make what's in your head a reality!


We have a variety of paints available in a range of sizes, 1-5 litre. We have gloss, eggshell, vinyl silk, soft sheen and matt finishes, interior and exterior paints, and can even mix specific colours for you!


We have all kinds of sundries you could need for paints, for example white spirit, paint stripper and paint thinners.


We have different strength glues for different uses. Easy to use glue for kids homework, fabric glue, strong cardboard glues, carpet glues, two part aproxy resin or super glue, we have lots of different glues- ideal for near on anything!


We stock different types of fillers and the filler you use depends on the type of crack or hole you have. We also stock products like 'Pink Grip' and 'Grip Fill' if you want to stick something to the wall to cover holes or for decoration - come and have a browse and get some advice on what's best for you to use.

Painting Accessories

We have everything from paint brushes to rollers, roller trays to small paint pots, different heads to extender arms, different types of handles to different sized masking tape. We have a whole section dedicated to painting so come down to see what we can offer you.

Wood Preservers

We also have various varnishes or wood dyes. This will not only protect your wood but nourish it, and make it look healthy again. These types of products are perfect for rejuvenating garden fences.

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